Please note change of venue for our dances.

Heel & Toe sponsors a dance every third Saturday night (September through May) from 7:30 - 10:00 at St. Pius X Parish, 575 Candia Rd. Manchester, NH. 03109

2019-2020 Heel and Toe Dance Schedule

Date                                    Caller                             Cuer                     Type                     Theme

Sept 21, 2019                   Ralph Peacock               No Rounds          MS w/ Plus          Welcome Back

Oct 19, 2019                    Bob Butler                     Bob Boudrow      MS w/ Plus         

Nov 23, 2019                   Steve Park and

                                         Bill Mager                     No Rounds          MS w/ Plus          60th Anniversary

Please note this is the 4th Saturday in November - not the traditional 3rd Saturday.

 Dec 21, 2019                    Ted Lizotte                   Lynn Sa                MS w/ Plus          Christmas Dinner/Dance

Please note location: December’s dance will be back at our old location The Bishop O’Neill Youth Center, 30 South Elm St,

Manchester, NH  03103 for this month only.

 Jan 18, 2020                     Jay Silva                        No Rounds        MS w/ Plus          Casual Afternoon Dance

Please note location:  Jazzercise – 32 Hayward St – Manchester, NH.  Dance from 1 PM to 4 PM

Please bring clean soft soled shoes, street shoes are not allowed.

 Feb 15, 2020                     Phil Pierce                    No Rounds          Class                     Class Ball

 March 21, 2020                TBD                             Harriet Clarke       MS w/ Plus

 April 18. 2020                   Mike Dusoe                 Bob Boudrow        MS w/ Plus

 May 16, 2020                    Steve Park                    Marilyn Rivenburg   MS w/ Plus


Turn off of Candia Rd. onto Sarto St, and park in the lot to the left. Enter by the door at the rear left of the building.

Banner Chairpersons:  Curtis and Joanne Page

Co-Presidents: Dick Maurier 603-345-8911 and Jayne Cornell 603-497-2686


You can find a place to dance anywhere in the country at:  


575 Candia Rd.

Manchester, NH